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This Kudat Beach House is one of the Best Private Family Destination

Eagle Bay Retreat Kudat


This Kudat Beach House is one of the Best Private Family Destination

This Kudat Beach House is one of the Best Private Family Destination

In search of the last minute private beach house for a family vacation, we embarked on a journey that led us to the beautiful Eagle Bay Retreat that I can say is one of the best Borneo Beach House in Kudat, Sabah.

The Search begins for the Beach House

As the school holidays approached, we were eagerly searching for the perfect getaway spot. We longed to spend some quality time together as family, but it seemed like all the popular homestay resorts were completely booked due to the school holidays. It was a bit of a challenge, especially considering our large group.

We had our focus set on August 26th to 28th for this trip. Determined not to let this challenge screw the plan,I decided to take a chance and started exploring the coastal area of Kudat on Google Map, hoping to stumble upon anything with a place to stay, and near the beach. After a bit of searching, I struck an Eagle 😉 when I discovered Eagle Bay Retreat. Reading through mostly positive reviews gave us hope and excitement about this strange new place using a bird of prey for its name.

Eagle Bay Retreat - Beach House Front

This can be your dream home for real ey?

Eagle Bay Retreat here we come!

With fingers crossed, we reached out to them, and to our delight, they had availability for our chosen dates! Arlyn, one of their staff members, was incredibly helpful from the moment we made our booking, ensuring that all our needs would be taken care of upon our arrival at the beach house.

Travelling to Eagle Bay Retreat turned out to be surprisingly super easy lah! The final few kilometers involved a dirt road with some gravel, but even smaller cars could manage it without any fuss. Plus, it was conveniently located just about 20 minutes from Pekan Sikuati, making it a breeze to stock up on food supplies and beers hi..hi…

Eagle Bay Retreat - Night Sky

Vacation Vibes starts now

The journey to the retreat itself was quite fascinating, taking us through quaint Kampungs, a charming church by the sea, and even some watermelon farms. Along the way, you’d also come across the entrance to Tindakon Dazang Beach, which is also a beautiful beach popular for its crazy gorgeous sunsets.

Eagle Bay Retreat - The Beach

The moment we arrived at Eagle Bay Retreat, we immediately felt those vacation vibes kick in. The beach house was simply beautiful and had everything we needed – comfortable beds, bathrooms with showers (though no hot water), a unique centralized kitchen, a central table for communal meals and gatherings, and even a barbecue pit ready for action. (Bring your own coal ya.. lol)

The best part? The beach was just a few steps away, and the location felt exclusively private. We were handed the keys to a four-room beach house that perfectly suited our group, with extra beds readily available if needed.

Eagle Bay Retreat - Heavenly Skies

Beach House Activities at Eagle Bay Retreat

Eagle Bay Retreat also offered a range of activities for guests, including snorkeling, island visits, buggy rides, and stand-up paddling. All you had to do was ask the friendly staff for guidance, though some activities did come with an additional cost. The Buggy ride for example is Rm200 for 2 hours if I’m not wrong.

Eagle Bay Retreat Swing

During our stay, the weather was a bit windy, which made snorkeling a bit less enjoyable. No fishies will want to hang out near the corals with waves like that. However, playing on the beach with the waves crashing provided loads of fun especially the kids. There were plenty of other options to do or not to do too, like simply chilling out, playing frisbee, taking a refreshing dip, or embarking on a beach hike to Layag-Layag Beach to see a unique-looking rock formation about 1.5 kilometers away.

Eagle Bay Retreat - Pantai Layag-Layag

Worth the 1.5 km hike

Meet the Boss of Eagle Bay Retreat

One of the unexpected highlights of our trip was getting to meet Ralph, (I think it’s Ralph)  the person who runs the place. He’s a genuinely nice guy and happened to be around with his son during our stay. They were constantly working on improving the retreat, installing solar units, putting up signages, and testing kite surfing equipment.

Eagle Bay Retreat - With the Owner Ralph

Unlike me, being bald has its advantages in the morning at the beach

Eagle Bay Retreat went above and beyond our expectations, earning a well-deserved spot on my list of go-to places for a private beach house family vacation. We had an amazing time bonding, sharing stories, and enjoying meals together. It was a truly blessed experience that we’ll cherish for a long time to come

To book and for inquiries, head over to their Facebook Page and hope you had a good time like we did.

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